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Gift Box – Drop Cookies Set

Gift Box – Consist of three type of drop cookies


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100% handmade from scratch — each cookies will give your different mouth explosion

Red Pearl Cookies: Experience the divine fusion of Cornflake Drop Cookies adorned with Almond Nibs and Chocolate Chips. Crafted with premium butter, cornflakes, almond flakes, chocolate chips and topped with glacé cherry. Caution warning – these cookies are dangerously good, you could finish the whole box in one sitting.

Castelo Nut: Delight your senses with our Nutty Drop Cookie featuring Pumpkin Seeds and Chocolate Chips. Crafted with premium butter, pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips and bubble rice. Perfect symphony of crunchiness , nuttiness and luscious chocolate chips. Tailored for those who appreciate textured bites, each cookie is a masterpiece designed to elevate your snacking experience to new heights.

Cran-flakes: Embark on a journey of taste with our Cran-flakes Drop Cookie, featuring cranberries, cornflakes, and walnut. Each bite is a symphony of textures, where the sweet-sour essence of cranberries harmonizes beautifully with the crispness of cornflakes and the creamy nuttiness of walnut chunks. Indulge in a delightful medley that captivates your palate with every delicious bite.


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