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Delivery Condition:

Delievry Area

Delivery area within Penang only.

Delivery Information Needed

Please kindly provide us your full name, full address (found on Google Map) and contact number.

Delivery Address

The delivery address entered needs to be exactly as found on Google Maps.

Please check that the address is correct before completing the order.

The ‘Address’ section is where the full address as found on Google Maps is entered.

The ‘Company/Apartment unit’ section is where the unit number and/or the name of the company/condo etc. is entered.


Delivery Fee

We only deliver to areas within 50km of our premise according to Google Maps, covering mainly Penang area.

Delivery rates depends on the area with rates RM5 for Penang Island and, RM10+ for Seberang Perai.

A minimum of RM150 purchase is required for delivery.

Deliveries to multiple venues or on different dates, or at different times, even under the same customer bill, will be charged as separate deliveries under separate orders. You will be required to place the orders separately on our website.

Delivery Methods

Deliveries are managed by our own courier for Penang Island area and the third party vendor such as LalaMove and Grab for Seberang Perai area.

The drivers of the 3rd party vendor do not represent our brand, Zaiton Delights.

Delivery is non-cancellable and the delivery fee is non-refundable once the driver’s route has been arranged by us.

Delivery Time Slot

All orders are arranged to arrive within the chosen time slot.

We cannot arrange the delivery to arrive at, by, or after a specific time as drivers deliver to a few places in one trip following a route that is carefully planned, arranged, and optimised.

Factors that affect or may cause early arrivals or delays in deliveries (non-exhaustive): the availability of drivers, traffic conditions, weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances & natural disasters.

Buyers are advised to select a time slot with these possibilities taken into account.

While we try our best to arrange orders to arrive within the chosen time slot, Lacher Patisserie will not be held responsible for any early arrivals or delays of delivery due to any of the reasons above or because of any circumstances impacting the availability of the 3rd party drivers we use and anything else outside of our control.

Please opt for self-pickup or select an available earlier/later time slot if you cannot risk the items arriving earlier or later than a chosen time frame.

Delivery attempt

Our delivery service is on-demand and only one trip is attempted.

All drivers are requested on-demand and paid by distance(km) to deliver the items to the assigned address one time.

Factors that affect or may cause early arrivals or delays in deliveries (non-exhaustive): the availability of drivers, traffic conditions, weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances & natural disasters.

The driver will not make another delivery attempt if the delivery is unsuccessful (see below for what counts as unsuccessful delivery).

Drivers will try to reach out to the recipient by: Calling, texting, ringing doorbell & requesting neighbour to receive on behalf.

If the driver has attempted 2 or more of the above methods, but is still not able to reach the recipient, the delivery attempt is considered completed and delivery is considered unsuccessful (see below for unsuccessful delivery).

Successful Delivery

Deliveries are considered successful where:

1. It has been passed to the recipient/someone on behalf of the recipient.
2. It has been left at the guardhouse, receptionist, with a neighbour, or a place requested or consented by the recipient or someone on behalf of the recipient (this includes the buyer).

Persons collecting the items from the drivers are required to check that the items are in good condition upon receiving them.

They are encouraged to let the driver know (before the driver leaves) of any defects/damage if possible. We would need to be notified within 3 hours on the day the items are delivered of any defects/damage that occur because of delivery (proof of defect/damage is required).

Unsuccessful Delivery

Unsuccessful delivery means a driver has been assigned to your order, but due to the reasons below, the driver cannot deliver the items to the recipient.

-The recipient is unreachable/uncontactable on the driver’s arrival at the delivery address.
-The recipient is not at home/present on the driver’s arrival at the delivery address.
-There is no one present to collect the order on the recipient’s behalf on the driver’s arrival at the delivery address.
-There is no such person at the delivery address.
-The delivery address given is incorrect or insufficient or not searchable on Google Maps.
-No valid contact number was given to us to make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient in order to execute the delivery successfully.
-The recipient is not willing to collect the order from the driver at the drop-off point/lobby/ground floor of the given delivery address.
-The recipient refuses to accept the items.
-The recipient does not consent to leaving the items with someone else or in some other area within the premises.
-The recipient/buyer requests the driver to wait at the delivery address for longer than 10 minutes.
-Other circumstances that prevent the driver from passing the items to the recipient/someone on behalf of the recipient on a case-to-case basis.

In the event of unsuccessful delivery,

-The buyer will be notified via the text or calling (WhatsApp) that was used to place the order.
-Drivers will bring the items back to our store after completing all the deliveries following the assigned route.
-No requests for refunds of the item(s) and/or delivery fee will be entertained due to the perishable nature of our products and our on-demand delivery service.
-No more delivery attempts/redelivery will be made by us on the same day even where additional delivery fees are willing to be paid.

The buyer/someone on the buyer’s behalf is required to:

-Collect the items at our store during our operating hours once the items have been brought back by the driver.
-Arrange for your own 3rd party delivery service like grab car to collect the items from our store during our operating hours once it has been brought back by the driver.

Pick-up condition

Pick up location:

D-G-29 Lorong Helang 3, Desa Permai Indah, 11700 Penang

Before coming to pick up:

You will receive a whatsapp message when your order is ready for pickup. Please kindly confirm with us the time and the date of your pick up before you come collect the order from us.

Grab/Lalamove/3rd Party Drivers

You are required to clearly provide the driver with your name and order number as they will need to present it to us in order to collect your order.

We do not take responsibility for any problems, issues, or situations that arise from and arise because of the 3rd party delivery service as well as for the items once they have left our premises. It is advisable that the driver takes a picture of all the items of your order before and after delivering them to you.

We do not make any delivery arrangements or book and arrange 3rd party delivery services on behalf of pickup customers. Please arrange for your own 3rd party delivery service if you have opted for self-pickup and are not able to come over to our store to collect your order from us.

Cancel your order

Cancellations are not possible for within a wekk before the pick-up date

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